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Protecting the Public Before, During and After Critical Events

Public Warning

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Covid 19 and Beyond

Immediate help for Governments to keep the public safe during the global pandemic and provide a long term solution for public warning beyond COVID-19

European Public Warning Systems

Get ready for 2022 with flexible public warning solutions to meet the European Electronic Communications Code Article 110.

Everbridge Public Warning

The world’s most trusted public warning platform

Everbridge Public Warning is a solution for managing two-way communications with the public before, during and after major incidents anywhere in the world.

Everbridge Public Warning delivers a complete end-to-end solution for government agencies and first responders, with flexible deployment options to suit the needs of each city, state or country.

Everbridge Public Warning is a multi channel platform featuring an easy to use front end alerting gateway which can be deployed as a standalone solution or combined with our best of breed cell broadcast or location-based SMS technology for sending targeted alerts to mobile phone users – or through other channels including mobile apps, email, voice calls, sirens , radio, tv, social media, digital signage and opt-in address based systems.

Reduce your risk

Unlike other suppliers, Everbridge owns the IP for the software used by Government and the Telecom operators (Cell Broadcast and Location-Based SMS). Our own experts develop, implement and support all the various elements in our solution, ensuring a low risk, hassle-free implementation under our own control.

Everbridge Public Warning ensures compliance with global mandates and industry standards including: EECC Article 110, EU-Alert, WPAS, KPAS, ETWS, EMA, CMAS, WEA and 3GPP


Multi Hazard Alerting

Warn and inform the public during man-made or natural disasters including:

Pandemic active shooter incidents or terror attacks earthquakes wildfires hurricanes and tsunamis severe flooding industrial, chemical or biohazard accidents


Multi-Agency Alerting

When it comes to national-scale alerting, multiple stakeholders can use the same solution, tailored for their jurisdictions. The solution can be scaled from national to regional or state level, all the way down to police districts, with each agency having their own defined set of templates, roles, hierarchies and directories.


Multi Channel Alerting

Everbridge Public Warning integrates seamlessly with all communication channels and ensures the right message gets through at the right time to the right people.

Location-Based SMS Cell Broadcast Mobile Push Notifications SMS Voice Email CAP Compliant for Sirens, TVs, Radio, Electronic Display Boards Social Media – Facebook and Twitter TETRA

In addition, address-based and directory-based alerting are available in order to distribute messages using geo-coded national address registers or address registers of companies, as well as for first responders and emergency preparedness organizations.

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Trusted worldwide with more deployments than any other provider

Who Can Use Everbridge Public Warning?

Everbridge Public Warning is designed for governments, mobile operators and the public

  • Easy to use, single unified platform for targeted multi channel alerting to citizens and visitors from overseas in their native language.
  • Flexible deployment options: on-premise, hosted or cloud based service.
  • Manage an event through its full lifecycle: Prepare, Alert, Respond, Recover.
  • Alert the public and provide updates across all phases of the response until the incident is resolved.
  • Enable two-way communication with the public to verify their safety.
  • Enable two-way communication with first responders and recovery teams.
  • Create incident zones and send geo targeted alerts.
  • Visualize how many mobile devices are present in an area for informed decision making.
  • Reach citizens overseas and communicate in their native language.

Integrate with best of breed Everbridge solutions for alerting the public via mobile phones:

  • Cell Broadcast
    • Everbridge one2many Cell Broadcast is the most mature cell broadcast service in the market today, offering a telco-grade, RAN agnostic solution supporting all 3GPP and ATIS protocols.
    • An unrivalled library of BCS/RAN/MME/AFM interfaces
    • More than 85 installations with 55 customers in more than 32 countries on all continents.
  • Location-Based SMS

    Everbridge LB-SMS is the market leading platform for high performance, telco-grade delivery of location-based SMS. Everbridge LB-SMS is a non-intrusive system which does not impact network performance. The system is installed and integrated within your network in a secured environment. Subscriber identities or location information never leaves the secured environment within our network and privacy is 100% assured.

  • Emergency alerts from a trusted source and in my own language direct to my mobile device.
  • My anonymity and privacy is protected.
  • Alerts if I am at risk in my current location or when I might be moving towards a threat.
  • Alerts to my mobile phone in my own language when travelling anywhere in the world.
  • Ability to respond to official alerts and request help if needed.
  • No opt-in, no download, no configuration to receive alerts to my mobile phone.
  • Choice to opt-in for alerts based on where I live, where I work or where my loved ones are.

Protecting Your Population, Anytime, Everywhere.

Combine the benefits of cell broadcast and location-based alerting to reach people via their mobile phones

Over 85% of the world’s population carries a mobile phone everywhere they go. It is therefore the best channel through which to reach people during an emergency. Everbridge is the only supplier that can offer both best of breed technologies.

  • Maximize reach and performance
  • Directed two-way communications
  • Insight into crowd movements


Cell Broadcast

Everbridge one2many Cell Broadcast sends alerts to all mobile devices and can reach millions of mobile phone users in seconds. Cell broadcast is a reliable way to reach the greatest number of people when lives are threatened by a rapid onset event.

The alert is a ‘broadcast’ message which is received by mobile devices which then emit an audible sound and a message on the screen.

Messages can be targeted to all mobile devices in specific area, even down to several meters* and will trigger alerts to mobile phones as soon as they are entering the impacted area.

Cell Broadcast is not affected by network congestion and alerts can reach almost the entire population of a country.

Everbridge one2many Cell Broadcast is used for countrywide public warning in New Zealand and the Netherlands.


  • Reach millions of people in seconds
  • Fastest way to reach all mobile phone users in a specific area (Residents, Visitors, Inbound Roamers)
  • Geo targeted alerts
  • Triggered alerts for anyone entering the incident zones
  • Anonymous message delivery at country-wide scale with no loss of privacy
  • No Opt-in required, No mobile app download,
  • Messages in native language
  • Unaffected by network congestion

*assuming device supports the new standard for device based geo-fencing (DBGF)


Location-Based SMS

Everbridge LB-SMS location-based alerting sends alerts direct to individual mobile phones as an SMS message reaching millions of mobile phone users in a few minutes.

Everbridge LB-SMS allows for two-way communication as well as advanced location and crowd movement alerting scenarios.

Everbridge LB-SMS is used worldwide as the primary alerting channel during a rapid onset event and can also be used stand-alone or in combination with Cell Broadcast to assess the number of mobile phone users in an area and for sending follow up messages during the respond and recovery phase of a major incident.

Everbridge LB-SMS helps governments and emergency responders to keep the public informed anywhere in the world providing regular updates until the situation returns to normal combined with the ability to coordinate emergency response efforts – all from the same platform.

Everbridge LB-SMS is used for countrywide public warning in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Singapore.


  • Reach millions of people in minutes using throttling to minimize congestion
  • Directed alerts to all mobile phones in a specific area (Residents, Visitors, Inbound Roamers)
  • Geo targeted alerts
  • Triggered alerts for anyone entering the incident zones
  • Anonymous message delivery at country-wide scale with no loss of privacy
  • No Opt-in required, No mobile app download,
  • Messages in native language
  • Amplified situational awareness in real time to understand population density and crowd movements
  • Two-way directed communications
  • Traveler alerts for citizens overseas
  • Triggered alerts for inbound roamers entering the country
  • Analytics for each message send.

  • “Knowing exactly how many people there are in the area can help us better understand the gravity of a situation and help us better prepare for the next steps in our rescue efforts. The good thing about location-based alerting systems is that you can ‘geofence’ and identify new mobile devices coming into a particular area and you can then tailor messages for newcomers and send them the information they would have received if they’d been in that area earlier.”

    Guðbrandur Örn Arnarson, project manager at ICE-SAR, Iceland

  • Everbridge Public Warning has been trusted and deployed by more national governments across the world than any other solution, including by Sweden, Singapore, the Netherlands, Iceland, Greece, Australia, and the coastal states in India.

Amplified Situational Awareness in Real Time

Everbridge Public Warning is capable of more than just alerting and can also deliver insight into population movements.

Our technology uses data from the network to show the number of mobile devices in an area. From this information the authorities can estimate crowd sizes and make informed decisions on how to respond to a major incident, for example deploying the optimum number of emergency responders, or planning evacuation routes.

The information is dynamic and updated in seconds making it possible to monitor the movement of people over time both into and out of an area. This makes it possible to assess if the advice to the public is being followed and assess the effectiveness of evacuations.

For emergency responders, this same information is helpful for planning resources needed along different routes as an event unfolds.

Using the Everbridge location-based group alerting feature, emergency management personnel present in a particular location can be identified and deployed effectively, based on their current location.

Two-Way Communication

Everbridge Public Warning allows you to seamlessly engage in 2-way communication with people to check on whether they are safe and to receive requests for assistance. People can simply respond to SMS messages or polls that you send. This level of engagement makes for a far more robust system for protecting people. The simple and unobtrusive nature of SMS technology, which has a sense of familiarity and reassurance for people can avoid panic during evacuations and other similar situations.

Reach everyone in their Native Language

Everbridge Public Warning takes advantage of the capabilities native to almost all cell phones and does not require any manual configuration by users or download of applications.

Everbridge Public Warning can automatically detect the nationality of a person’s SIM card and then send messages in the appropriate language to improve the effectiveness of communication to visitors and international travelers. When a population at risk needs to be alerted, Everbridge Public Warning is the most reliable way to reach the most people.

Traveler Alerts

When an incident occurs overseas, governments may need to contact their citizens in the affected country. It may be necessary to send planes to bring people home. Travelers need information in their native language from a reliable source to help them stay safe.

Everbridge Traveler Alert makes it possible for government officials to identify how many citizens are in a specific country. Governments can alert their travelling citizens and provide advice on how to stay safe with regular updates until the danger is passed. Knowing how many citizens are affected helps governments to coordinate an appropriate response.

This solution is in use by several countries today to alert their citizens overseas during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Visualize on a map how many domestic SIM cards are connected to networks in a specific country overseas
  • Send secure two-way messages in native language via SMS to travelling citizens across the globe
  • Monitor responses and provide assistance on the ground where needed to help with shelter, medical assistance or repatriation.
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Inbound Roamers

For inbound roamers, Everbridge Public Warning can be used to trigger alerts to all foreign visitors upon entering a country. The nationality of the sim card is recognized so that the person receives an SMS in their native language. This makes it possible for government authorities to provide important information to help the visitor stay safe during their stay since they may not be familiar with the country or speak the local language.


Everbridge Public Warning includes full analytics and reporting so you can measure how many messages were sent by which channel including deliverability rates, and notification confirmations.

Using smart sending technology Everbridge Public Warning optimizes the most efficient channels for sending the alert, at all stages of incident, Alert, Respond and Recover, to ensure you reach the right people at the right time. The platform maintains a complete record of alerting for after action reporting.

Proven Scalability with Global Support

Everbridge Public Warning offers proven reliability and scale, having served populations from a few thousand to many tens of millions in over 500 governments, states and municipalities.

The platform is further strengthened by Everbridge’s Critical Event Management capabilities providing a robust and proven solution for monitoring, managing or event mitigating the impact of public emergencies on a local or national scale.

Everbridge Public Warning ensures compliance with global mandates and industry standards including: EECC Article 110, EU-Alert, WPAS, KPAS, ETWS, EMA, CMAS, WEA and 3GPP.

Privacy & Security

The Everbridge Public Warning Platform delivers secure messaging with no loss of privacy to the public. Our technology does not use personal identifiable information (PII) such as phone numbers or track the location of individuals.

Everbridge one2many Cell Broadcast technology delivers messages to mobile devices without the need to access any PIII data from the network. The message is ‘broadcast’ to mobile phones which receive the message without using the network.

Everbridge Location-Based SMS uses technology which integrates to the same systems that network operators rely on to keep their mobile networks running day to day. This makes it possible to send SMS messages to subscribers in a specific area without exposing any personal identifiable information (PII). This information exchange happens over a secure protocol to prevent third parties from gaining access to the public alert system as well as sensitive personal data. All Everbridge components are safely installed inside the mobile operators network behind the same firewalls that protect their systems day to day.

… One of the biggest storms in years was bearing down on Odisha … cyclone Fani slammed into Odisha on Friday morning with the force of a major hurricane, packing 120 mile per hour winds … as of early Saturday, only a few deaths had been reported, in what appeared to be an early-warning success story … moved a million people to safety really fast … this is so different from 20 years ago, when a fearsome cyclone blasted into this same area, killing thousands.

--How Do You Save a Million People From a Cyclone? Ask a Poor State in India, New York Times, May 3, 2019. Odisha uses Everbridge Population Warning.

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