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Automate IT Incident Response

Minimize Business Impact

The days when IT was supporting the business are over. Today IT runs the business. With the volume and variety of critical IT events which are impacting business operations, shortening incident response time is the new business imperative. After all, the longer a company takes to address an IT issue, the more severe the impact on the organization, its customers, its employees, its brand image, among others.  Not only can every IT service disruption cost your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it can also de-focus, distract and disrupt your IT teams. In today’s digital business world, it’s not about “IF” but “WHEN” critical IT events occurs, and you need to be fully prepared.

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Service Operations, MIM teams, Support

Automate your incident process for a faster and coordinated response. When IT services become unavailable, your customers suffer, and the IT team is under pressure. Use new generation enterprise IT alerting to minimize business impact and lower costs of incident management by automating communication, collaboration and orchestration for faster service recovery.

Information Security Operations

Get Security and IT resolvers together while keeping all stakeholders updated during security incidents. During cyberrelated incidents, orchestrate communication and collaboration in a coordinated fashion to contain the attack, mitigate the damage and ensure compliance.  


The combination of SMS, email, Skype and ChatOps tools helps developers and operators get in touch throughout the normal release lifecycle. But what happens when things break? An IT service alerting tool can be the glue that firmly connects developers and operators even in the toughest of IT outage situations. The most effective DevOps organizations understand that, in order to account for when things go wrong, they also need to automate the communication process itself. 

IT Service Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Implement real-time, impacted user communication to lower costs by reducing additional inbound calls/tickets during major service incidents, critical security events and disaster recovery/continuity exercises.

The beauty of Everbridge IT Alerting is having a consistent, predictable, repeatable process with timely and relevant communications

Mark Hydar, Ericsson

The Power of the Critical Event Management Platform

  • Keep Shifts Humming

    Manage staff on-call schedules

  • Leverage Existing Tools

    Trigger incident responses upon alerts from ITOM, SIEM, ITIM, ITSM tools

  • Find the Right People

    Identify, locate, contact and engage the right people at anytime, anywhere

  • Reduce Resolution Times

    Reduce time-to-collaborate with 1-click, pinless conference bridges and ChatOps

  • Team Performance

    Continuously improve your response teams’ efficiency and effectiveness with performance reports

  • Reduce Costs

    Consolidate all your alerting solutions into one enterprise Critical Event Management platform for consistency and lower TCO


  • Increase IT services uptime
  • Increase employee productivity and IT efficiency
  • Minimize impact on the business, reduce unplanned IT work
  • Eliminate alert fatigue
  • Mitigate IT issues faster with minimum resource overhead
  • Streamline your processes with consistent, repeatable, automated IT Incident response and messages